What Makes Dixie Exterminating Different?

Not All Pest Control Services Are Created Equal

There are plenty of places you could call for pest control services. But not all pest management companies are the same. They may offer different services or not show up on time. Dixie Exterminating is different. Here are a few reasons why we’re the pest technicians to trust with your pest control needs in Rock Hill and York County, SC.

We’re a Family That Treats Customers Like Family

Pest control is a personal service. In many cases, pest technicians will explore every square foot of your home. Every door will be opened and every nook and crevice inspected. When your home is under this kind of personal scrutiny, you want to work with people with whom you can feel comfortable and secure. That’s our top priority at Dixie Exterminating.

This process begins before the technician arrives. The helpful staff that answer the phone will treat you with friendliness and professionalism. You’ll feel cared about and that your concerns have been addressed. Our office staff communicates with the technicians about your needs so they are ready to resolve your pest problem or initiate the best barrier.

You won’t have to worry about what time your technician will arrive because your helpful office staff representative will give you a definite arrival time. Your experienced technician will be attentive to all the details of your home and will safely treat all areas needed to manage the pests that have invaded or could invade your space.

Regardless of the type of pest control services you need, you’ll be happy you contacted Dixie Exterminating. Join the family that’s been serving our area since 1953.

We Provide Scheduled Services

Your home is a place that’s comfortable for your family. Unfortunately, it’s also comfortable for numerous insects. As your landscaping and home mature, these factors only make your property more attractive to pests. Trees grow, producing more shade and sending out roots that disturb the ground. Shrubberies grow and touch the sides of your house. Caulking and weatherstripping age and allow new cracks and crevices. As neighborhoods mature, changes like the addition of lawn sprinkler systems, gas lines, and various plantings change the environment and population pressure of insects. A home that may not have had pest invaders for years may all of a sudden be taken over by one type of insect or the other.

That’s why Dixie will thoroughly inspect and treat your home for problem pests and then provide a selection of follow-up services. It’s the best way to be certain that these insects won’t become established and create an even bigger problem. The longer they are allowed to remain, the greater the problem—and them harder to treat. Let Dixie help you put out a “no vacancy” sign to pests that may be lurking around your home.

We Know That Pesticides Aren’t Always the Solution

Most people think pest technicians “kill bugs” with chemical products, so this may seem like an odd thing for us to say. The truth is that while the use of pest products is necessary and safe for many reasons, there are other factors that affect the invasion of whatever pests you may see.

This is why Dixie Exterminating will spend the time with you on the phone on your initial call and why the technician will evaluate the specifics when they first arrive at your home.

We Understand How Population Pressure Affects Bugs

There are many factors that contribute to the likelihood that pests will invade your home. The compass setting of your home affects how the sun strikes your siding and roof and when it heats up the area. On a chilly 60 degree day, for instance, the siding and shingles can reach quite a few degrees higher—high enough for ants to forage for food and water, roaches to move, wasps to stir, and various other insects to “wake up.” Add to this the warming of certain parts of your home, topography of your yard that can funnel water toward your house, or ornamental timbers or stones outlining your flower beds, the population pressure of insects wanting to enter your house increases greatly.

It is one of our jobs at Dixie Exterminating to help you understand these forces and identify the causes of infestations in your home. We partner with you to help reduce or eliminate long-term infestations.

We’ll Always Treat You Like Family

Services & Inspections Around Your Schedule

We Consult With You Before Viewing Your Home

We Understand The Causes of Infestation

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Contact a pest control expert today!

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